Entrpreneurs' Bootcamp™

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Entrepreneurs' Bootcamp™

Accelerating Start-Up Success

Launched in Plymouth in 2007 following the DTI sponsored nationwide City Growth Strategy initiative, the Entrepreneurs' Bootcamp™ family of products is a radically new approach to nurturing and establishing new entrepreneurs in business. Presented in three different elements, the approach ensures anyone with an entrepreneurial spirit, no matter what their learning and business style may be, is given the right “helping hand” to turn their vision into reality.

One element is Bootcamp Immersion: experiential learning for start-ups of what it feels like to establish, run, survive disasters and grow a successful business – and be tutored by those who have been there and done it already. This is the year long Entrepreneurs' Bootcamp™ where only the most determined and innovative will survive.

The alternative element is Bootcamp in a Box® which contains all of the flavours and attributes of the full Bootcamp phenomenon, but delivered in half the time to get participants on the right road to success. It is a multi-sensory learning experience for would-be entrepreneurs to get a taste of being a successful entrepreneur.

The final element is the Upstarts Club™ which provides the means for “novice” entrepreneurs to meet established and successful business people who are willing and able to share their practical experience. Combining hosted networking events and workshops, new and would-be entrepreneurs can be introduced to specific business support contacts at the time when their hands-on knowledge and experience is most needed.

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