Entrpreneurs' Bootcamp™

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Entrepreneurs' Bootcamp™

5 Years' Experience in 5 Days!

An innovative development programme for new and would be entrepreneurs that combines a competitive selection process, a 5-Day Immersion module followed up with a 12 months of business acceleration mentoring. Bootcamp participants are recruited through a Dragons' Den-style competition where they must prove they have two key attributes: entrepreneurial attitude and a determination to succeed.

Those that win a coveted place on the Entrepreneurs Bootcamp™ then face high “five years’ entrepreneurial experience in five days” in the residential immersion module. A wide range of activities and encounters guarantee individuals learn how to survive to thrive. Tutored by business specialists, successful entrepreneurs, military personnel and human behaviour specialists, all of whom ensure these five days will stretch individuals and identify latent strengths and weaknesses, whilst building on the participant entrepreneurs’ passion and commitment for their venture. These five days are highly interactive: there is some classroom based teaching but the majority of the learning is done “in the field”, with individuals being put though their paces by Royal Marines one day and facing local millionaires’ business challenges the next.

For those who survive the five day Bootcamp (and not every participant does!), the 12 month follow-up mentoring commitment ensure each new venture has the optimum opportunity to accelerate its success. This includes monthly 1-1 sessions with an experienced business acceleration mentor (who is already a successful entrepreneur); monthly action learning workshops on relevant topics delivered by business support specialists and networking opportunities as part of the Upstarts Club™.

What also makes the Entrepreneurs Bootcamp™ so different is the active involvement, support and encouragement of the private and public sectors of the city/region in which the Bootcamp takes place. The five-day immersion takes place across the host city/region, providing the opportunity for local businesses to showcase both what they do and how their location enables their success. Presenters and Case Studies used in the 5-Day Immersion and 12-month follow up will also come from the local business community which ensures they continue to support the new entrepreneurs and their ventures as they grow and develop (minimising the chance of business failure). In addition, the PR and press coverage adds a “feel-good” factor to promote the benefits and contribution of private sector enterprise and innovation in the local community. For the successful participants, the shared experience of surviving the Entrepreneurs Bootcamp ensures solid friendships are established and a close-knit support network of fellow entrepreneurs is established – another key factor in guaranteeing business ideas turn into successful ventures (as highlighted by the many business awards that Bootcamp “graduates” have since attained).

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If you like the sound of what the Entrepreneurs Bootcamp is all about, but do not have the time to commit to such a major undertaking, click this link to Bootcamp in a Box® which contains all the key aspects of the immersion process, but in a much smaller package! Alternatively if you have got started in your new business but simply want to find a way to connect to other entrepreneurs, visit our Upstarts Club™ page.