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Bootcamp in a Box®

The Masterclass for Entrepreneurs!

Bootcamp in a box
The Bootcamp in a Box® is the “mini-version” of the Entrepreneurs Bootcamp™ which focuses on the personal attributes of the would-be entrepreneur, making it ideal for individuals who want to know more about business ownership as well as those as well as those starting up a new venture. Bootcamp in a Box® starts with the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator® (MBTI) assessment for each participant to identify and measure their psychological preferences in how they perceive the world around them and how this impacts their behaviour. Used frequently in leadership and management development, the MBTI® assessment provides the starting point for uncovering the most appropriate approach to stretch and develop each participant as they go through the programme.

Bootcamp in a Box® then delivers the same content as the full Entrepreneurs Bootcamp™ immersion module – but as a Masterclass in half the time! The 2 ˝ day residential programme is delivered in one location with the emphasis on knowledge input. This is a multi-sensory learning experience that accelerates the knowledge input and retention for each participant, ensuring they have the right starting point to get a new venture off the ground.

For those who are ready to get their start-up off the ground, a six month mentoring programme is available to give them practical support and keep them focused on the key elements of starting a new business. They also have access to the networking opportunities of the Upstarts Club to bring in fresh ideas and practical support as/when the start-up needs.

Bootcamp in a Box® is also ideal for providing a taste of what it takes to be an entrepreneurs for those who are still at the ideas stage or for businesses that what their employees to be or think more entrepreneurially to give them competitive advantage. It can be delivered either as an open programme (where individual participants sign up) or delivered bespoke/adapted to a specific organisation’s business development needs.

If you want to see what the full version of the Entrepreneurs Bootcamp is all about, click this link to Bootcamp Immersion. Alternatively if you have got started in your new business but simply want to find a way to connect to other entrepreneurs, visit our Upstarts Club™ page.