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The Upstarts' Club™

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The Upstarts Clun™

The Upstarts Club™ is a practical approach to developing the knowledge and skills of new and would-be entrepreneurs by introducing them to established entrepreneurs and business people as part of a hosted peer-to-peer network. Membership of the Upstarts Club™ is automatic for every participant of the Entrepreneurs Bootcamp™ and Bootcamp in a Box®, but is also open to anyone with a business idea who wants to know how to take the next steps to turn it into a commercial reality by picking the brains of established and successful business people who are willing to share their experience.

Typically taking place on a quarterly basis, the Upstarts Club™ can be delivered in two parts:

• An afternoon seminar focusing on key areas of getting a new business off the ground where the subject areas are delivered on demand by attendees (eg marketing, finance, management etc). These workshops can be open to students, new business start ups, employees looking for innovative approaches to gaining competitive advantage etc. Typical audience size will be 40 – 50 attendees.

• A hosted evening networking event with invited established entrepreneurs to be available to chat informally with workshop attendees and other new business start-ups. As a hosted networking event, attendees can be introduced to the contacts they need so that they get the information they want from the practical hints and tips of successful entrepreneurs to professional advice and guidance of business support specialists.

The Upstarts Club™ is usually sponsored by an organisation (to cover the seminar delivery and venue costs) which enables attendees to participate free of charge (with an additional option, if funds permit, of having a presentation by a high profile business speaker). Unlike most networks, the Upstarts Club™ concentrates on sharing knowledge by introducing novices and start ups to established business people who can make a practical difference to a business idea.

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