Pragmatic Business Ignition

Fast track to success for new business ideas

There is plenty of support and guidance available to help new businesses grow from day one. But if you have the entrepreneurial spirit that drives you to demand more, Pragmatic Business Ignition will be the right starting point for you.

As a division of Pragmatic Performance Group, the business acceleration specialists, Pragmatic Business Ignition uses our consultants’ expertise to accelerate the growth of new business ventures right from the start. Our network of contacts and ability to introduce the right people at the right time has helped many fledgling entrepreneurial ideas become viable businesses – quickly and profitably.

Pragmatic Business Ignition has three approaches to giving new businesses a rapid and sustainable start:
  • Entrepreneurs Bootcamp™ our innovative challenge that combines a competitive selection process, the 5-Day Immersion, followed by 12 months of business acceleration mentoring.

  • Bootcamp in a Box® is our Masterclass for Entrepreneurs. Focusing on personal attributes of the entrepreneur, it’s ideal for learning about business ownership as well as starting up new ventures. It contains all the EB secrets to success, but is delivered in half the time.

  • The Upstarts Club™ allows new & would-be start-ups to pick the brains of successful entrepreneurs as part of a hosted peer-to-peer network. It’s open to anyone who wants to turn their business ideas into commercial reality.
Click on the above links to learn more or Contact Fast Track at PBI to discuss your ideas about how to get your new venture off the ground.

Alternatively, if you are looking for cost-effective ways to administer and promote your new business on the web, go to First Store.com to grab your virtual business in a box! First Store.com is a unique online trading facility that encourages and empowers people to conduct business online, in an easy, sharp, and effective way via your mobile or pc.

Entrepreneurs Bootcamp™ On-Line: Click on the links below to view PPG’s on-line articles, videos, podcasts, business news and recommended events aimed specifically at new and would-be entrepreneurs to help kick-start your new venture. Alternatively click on the PPG Home Page link to view the additional services available from the other divisions within the group.

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