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Welcome to Four-Dimensional Training

Can you recall being in a training session and really enjoying it? Being so focused that the time just flew by, leaving your head full of great ideas and enthusiasm? This is what Pragmatic Performance Training aims to deliver every time – instant impact to boost the bottom line!

Training others is a skill – which all of our trainers, coaches and mentors have demonstrated over many years. Benchmarked against current leading edge approaches, every PPT facilitator believes and delivers pragmatic learning that can be rapidly applied into real life.

The typical two-dimensional 'best practice' offering can fill your head with the latest ideas and theories, whilst ensuring the chosen 'learning approach' matches your 'learning style'. But we want you to demand more!

Our clients demand and get training that is:

  • Experiential and interactive – participants learn best by doing!
  • Pragmatic and based on real-life business concerns,
  • Built on sound theories and knowledge – participants understand the why and the how!
  • Set in context for instant impact on the bottom line.

  • This is our 4-Dimensional approach. Leading edge Business Skills training achieved by combining:

  • Knowledge – shared by current practitioners in their specialist subject
  • Delivery - training matched to participants’ preferred learning styles,
  • Tapping into Latent Skills – accelerate learning by building on existing unconscious knowledge,
  • Instant Impact – immediate application of newly honed skills into the workplace.

  • Pragmatic Performance Training have a variety of programmes and approaches to suit your business’ specific skill development needs:
    • Energising Business Masterclasses™ unique 5-4-3-2-1 approach to skills development that speeds up the rate of learning and enables newly honed talents to be applied quickly in the workplace.
    • Pragmatic Performance Presentations: Speaking Success™ - Research has revealed many business people think of presenting in public as one of the top 3 most stress things they can do! Our Speaking Success™ coaching overcomes the fears to enable you to deliver informative and memorable presentations every time.
    • Coaches and Mentors with a depth of knowledge in the psychology of learning and managing behaviour who are able to support individuals looking to develop their training and/or management and leadership skills further.
    Our learning and development specialists are also available to develop, design and deliver bespoke courses for individual businesses. Contact PPT to arrange an initial meeting (free of charge) to discuss how we can bring 4-Dimensional learning into your organisation.

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