Energising Business Masterclasses™

Active learning for immediate application

PPG Masterclasses
Pragmatic Performance Training's Energising Business Masterclasses™ provide the key skills for accelerating business growth and profit, whilst recognising that businesses have limited resources. Our aim is to provide pragmatic approaches for individuals to gain new talents or refresh underused skills to accelerate the growth of their businesses. This is not training as you know it!

Based on latest thinking and proven best practice, our Energising Business Masterclasses™ provide practical hints, tools and techniques to solve key business issues such as Entrepreneurship, Leadership, Organisational Change, Sales and Marketing Communications.

Energising Business Masterclasses™ are delivered using our unique 5-level approach. This guarantees participants not only understand the key tenets of the business subject at hand, but also have the tools to apply these newly updated skills into their business immediately. Each Energising Business Masterclass™ programme is designed to minimise disruption and reduce the risk of overloading businesses with limited resources. Delivered over 5 months, each programme consists of:
  • 5 x half-day interactive group workshops (limited to a maximum of 15 participants) delivered once a month. This is the only part of the Masterclass that takes participants out of their workplace but the benefits of networking and learning far outweigh the interruption time.
  • 4 x revision video/podcasts, delivered in the workplace (either as a DVD or by access to a website) which provide additional practical tools and techniques between the workshops
  • 3 x coaching sessions, delivered by telephone to support participants as they implement their new skills
  • 2 x one-to-one on-site consultancy visits, which focus on the participant's specific workplace issues
  • 1 x Masterclass Manual to use as on-going source of skills and knowledge.
Pragmatic Performance Training present a rolling series of Energising Business Masterclasses™ - click on PPG Events below to see the dates of the current programme.

For businesses wanting 6 or more people to attend a Masterclass, it can be designed and delivered specifically tailored to your organisation’s needs. Subject areas include:

  • Entrepreneurship - where to focus limited resources in a new venture to guarantee a flying start and profitable future

  • Business Strategy for SMEs - how to plan, lead & motivate to inspire profitable & sustainable growth

  • Acquiring New Customers - how to win more business with the type of customers you want

  • Selling More to Current Customers - how to sell more to your current client base using existing resources

  • Business Acceleration with Resilience – understanding and applying the right steps for SMEs to avoid failure and protect key assets whilst growing the business

  • Lateral Thinking for SMEs – how to find competitive advantage by thinking slightly differently!

  • Change Management - establishing a business culture that thrives on change to produce higher returns
Come along to a Masterclass Taster Session (see below) to get a preview of what a full Masterclass entails or Contact Training at PPT to discuss more specific training requirements.
Energising Business Masterclass Tasters™

Try before you buy!

PPG Masterclasses Tasters
Pragmatic Performance Training's Energising Business Masterclasses™ continue to deliver results for our clients, imparting key skills and knowledge to provide instant impact on the bottom line. But we recognise that you might not want to commit your time and energy to a full programme over five months without having seen us in action. So here’s your chance to try before you buy!

Our Energising Business Masterclass Tasters™ let you experience how our Energising Business Masterclasses™ can change the way you learn and apply new skills to have an instant impact on your bottom line. Delivered in only a couple of hours, a Taster will include:
  • One module from the relevant Masterclass subject delivered as it would be in a full Masterclass programme (interactive group workshop, with limited numbers of participants to guarantee optimum access to the trainer),
  • Access to a sample vidcast/podcast to demonstrate the type of revision tips, practical tools and techniques which are delivered between workshops,
  • One telephone coaching session,
  • One on-site consultancy visit as a follow up to the taster workshop to focus learning on the participant's specific workplace issues.
We run Tasters on demand across the south west so Contact Masterclass Tasters at PPT to find out when a Taster will be coming to a place near you! PPT On-Line: Click on the links below to view on-line articles, videos, podcasts, training news and dates of learning events and upcoming Masterclasses to help accelerate your business growth.
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